Blank Page

Margo pounded her head against the desk and cursed. The throbbing hurt, but the lack of ideas was making her spiral.

She had one bestseller, her first story and instant fame. Margo never struggled, success seemed to fall in her lap, but now she could barely string a few sentences together, let alone follow up her hit.

The pressure was high and Margo found herself in a gypsy’s wagon. The old woman gave a wicked smile. “You can have a killer idea, for a price.”

Margo slapped down the cash and an idea instantly came. She rushed home and wrote another bestseller.

After another round of success Margo was stuck again so she returned to the gypsy. She had a stack of cash ready to give.

The gypsy held up her hand and refused. “Money means little to you. I need something you value. Give us your husband, and you can have the best idea yet.”

Margo bit her lip as she thought it over. She loved him, but she loved writing. Tears fell as she nodded, and a new idea appeared.

A few years later, after the movie deal, and the trip around the world, she found herself lacking once again.

She ran to the gypsy. “The price went up. Tell me child how bad do you want the idea?”

Without hesitation. “I would give anything.”

The old woman gave an approving nod. “Give me your children and the idea is your.

She agreed. The best story of her career was instantly in her mind. She laughed as she watched her children being dragged away and rushed home to write.

Now established as the greatest author who ever lived Margo needed something to stay on top.

The final trip to the gypsy revealed the toughest choice of all. Her life for a story that would instantly go to her agent and would cement her place in history.

Margo didn’t walk out of the trailer, but the world will always know her name.


Word count: 333


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